Fashion at Festivals: What to Wear

While we do not want to excite you, festivals are among the most exciting events every year. Besides the fun, festivals also allow you to display your unique fashion statement. You may have the freedom to express yourself through your fashion style, as well as ensuring that your outfits match the festival fashion requirements.

Before going to a festival, completing research on what to wear is critical. Generally, our outfits should be comfortable and appropriate for the event. However, if you are looking for expert tips, we would like to share with you our festival fashion guide.

Let’s dive into it!

For Women

Ladies, the style tips below are an excellent starting point to look gorgeous while enjoying the festival.

Comfortable Footwear

It’s super important that you choose your shoes carefully. They’ll need to match your outfits as well as be comfortable. You will be on your feet for most of the day, so definitely opt for comfortable footwear. You can wear ankle or flat shoes, or sandals. Avoid wearing wedges and high heels. If you are attending a music festival, where you need to catch different concerts and dance through the night, be smart by wearing comfortable shoes.


Do not skip this tip if you are not okay with sun rays. A flower crown is on-trend and offers a chic vibe, but a hat would be a better choice. If you are going to be standing in the sun for several hours, you might get burned, and it is not healthy for the skin. You do not have to wear a large hat; a simple baseball cap or straw Panama hat will work. If you opt for a cap, ensure to cover up your neck with sunscreen.

Oversized Shirt or Jacket

Oversized clothing is on-trend, and you can take advantage of it at a festival. You have lots of choices, including pinstripe, checked, camouflage, or denim. Do not forget to glitter yourself up. Glitter is a festival “go-to,” and you will love to have a bit of sparkle while enjoying the event.

Crossbody Bag

Avoid carrying a handbag at a festival. Instead, opt for a crossbody bag. You can go for a mini to medium-sized crossbody. You will need something that can hold all your necessities. The best thing about it is that it is not too big or heavy to carry, so you will not get tired carrying it all day.


Daytime festivals mean exposure to the sunlight. So, sunglasses are a must-have fashion piece. They help with sand and dust, and once the wind picks up, you have an instant shield for your eyes. You can get trendy sunglasses from Felix Gray ( or similar online stores.

For Men

Gentlemen, our fashion festival tips will help you look attractive while having fun.

Mirrored Sunglasses

Festivals are a perfect event to experiment with color, and you can start with mirrored sunglasses. You can wear it with a basic tee to highlight your aesthetic. They are also a lifesaver if the event is daytime. Round-shaped sunglasses offer a bit of classicism and are a good option for most face shapes.


Hats deliver a perfect balance between style and practicability. If you are after simplicity and boldness, this accessory creates a statement while serving as an excellent focal point for your outfit. A washed-out denim cap is a classic and versatile option, while a novel cap offers a boyish look and keeps your hair out of your way. If you are wearing monochrome clothing, a brighter cap can add a bit of color to it.


When choosing shoes to wear at a festival, they should be stylish. However, do not forget comfort. White sneakers are a great option because of their comfort and versatility. If the festival can get messy, opt for other colors. If you plan to wear a bohemian-inspired outfit, you cannot go wrong with boots.


For your festival wear, avoid cliche-looking accessories. Instead, go for boho-inspired accessories. You can try folk-revived pieces and beaded bracelets. A minimalist necklace or a single bracelet goes well with loose chambray shirts or denim.


If you want a light style with enough room for supplies, a trusty backpack is the answer. You can sling it over your shoulders conveniently. If you are unsure about the colors, go for classic tones. Even if the festival is over, you can still use it in your everyday personal style.

Before the festivals get closer, ensure that you are done planning your outfits. Above all, enjoy the moment and be confident with your look.

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