In fashion, the concept of cultural appropriation is about race and identity. Fashionistas and consumers alike may be unaware they’re appropriating something from other cultures. Cultural appropriation is adopting or using elements of another culture without the requisite respect and understanding of that culture. In the past decade, there has been a deeper examination of […]

Your winter vacation is approaching, and you are already spending and saving to make sure you have a memorable time. But what about the cold weather that inevitably will strike during your well-deserved break? If you are planning a winter vacation, you will need to make some preparations if you want to stay safe and

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Backpacking is so much more than just packing essentials in a backpack and heading out into the wilderness. Backpacking requires a certain amount of preparation. One is to pack all the items needed to have an enjoyable trip. Packing essentials are as important as knowing where to sleep and how to walk without getting lost

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Every year, millions of people travel abroad. People flock to places like Germany, France, England, Mexico, Hawaii, and even Antarctica from international cruises and long weekends to volunteering or studying abroad. No matter where your travels take you, it’s important to be aware of international travel regulations and standards. When problems arise, you can deal

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