About Me

Lottie Davies



Bonjour! Hola! Hello! Welcome to Access 2 Europe a site that is dedicated to my love of traveling the wonderous continent of Europe. Lottie Davies is the name and traveling is the game, ever since I left university 15 years ago, hopped on that plane, and jetted off to my first destination France. I am from Cornwall and that is still my base for when I’m back home from my travels, and as I am currently living my best single life in my thirties I have lots of time to go away (my job as a travel journalist also helps this!).



Anyway, when I go to a new country I have a few things I always like to tick off my list, which are:

  • top tourist destinations
  • 2 non-tourist locations that have been recommended by locals
  • The best restaurant in town
  • The most breathtaking place in the location

These are the best ways you can really get to know a place especially if you have limited time in one specific location. When I first went to France, I backpacked from North to South and East to West so that I could experience the whole feel of the country, it helped that I am fluent in french so I could interact with the locals pretty easily. Although don’t let this discourage you! I have been to many places where I have to flick through my dictionary to try and communicate with one person, the lucky thing is that most Europeans do speak English so communicating is not as hard as you may think. I always try to speak the language, however, just so I am being respectful to locals and I am able to experience the country to its fullest.


My Blog

Access 2 Europe should hopefully immerse you into a whole new world of cultural experiences and open your eyes to new adventures. I will be posting information about the best cities to go to, how to get the most out of the culture, and more. In addition, I have a gorgeous dog called “Trudy” who I sometimes like to take with me on my adventures, so I will try to give you the best advice if you are also planning to take your furry friends on holiday with you.

Other things I will discuss are various fashion cultures and the distinctive foods and wines from different countries in Europe, which should hopefully give you a lot of content to look through in my blog.

Enjoy reading and happy travels!