Welcome To Access 2 Europe!

Access 2 Europe is all about my adventures travelling across this vast continent. In every single place you experience a new culture and a different kind of air, making every place special and exciting to visit!

I would also like to welcome you in to this blogging experience with me and participate in helping me create a space full of adventure and excitement!

Every country across Europe has their own specialities and unique items that are assigned to them. For example. when we think of Italy we think of Pizza, Vespa's, and fashion, however when we think of Germany we would think about cars like Volkswagen and German beer. These are all things that have been made specific for these countries.

What more could you ask for!

What Content Can You Expect?

European Travel

Find out the best places to travel throughout Europe whether you are looking for a sunny getaway or a cultural adventure!

Food and Wine

Europe is famous for its food and wine and therefore, if you are as obsessed as I am about these things, a trip to Europe should be first on your list!

Travel with Pets

Sometimes you just don't want to leave your furry friends behind but sometimes it can be difficult for them and for you. So grab some tips and travel the globe!

Cultural Fashion

So many countries across Europe have their own style of dress and clothes that are native to their region. They're not all so weird either, think modern flamenco skirt!

So, check out my blog and open your European horizons!